Their first date was something she will never forget
That date was really her first.
She hadn't been out on a date until she met you
And you're one reason why she will never forget.

She does have to admit, she was a little bit nervous
And she could tell you were too,
Meeting someone's parents for the first time, like you
She would feel the same way.

Their first date at the movies was a lot of fun
It was just over and done with too soon.
Usually when she meets someone they run,
But you stayed with her and liked her for who she is.

On their way home, you were so sweet to her
Everything you said, made her feel good about herself and
Nearly made her cry.
No one has ever made her feel the way you did that
That's when she knew something was right.

And the way you asked her to be your girlfriend
Made her want the night to never end.
Thank Love she found you when she did
Because they would have never had their first date.