Gazing at the water lilies, a feeling of lightness and joy sweeps over her entire body,
The inconceivable weight of life has being lifted from her chest, providing a feeling of peace.
Stepping closer to the painting, the colors begin piercing the air with beauty and warmth.
They embrace her fragile body in a hold so strong, yet so gentle, injury would be impossible.
They beckon her into their world of wonder and soon she is standing in a colorful beauty.
The vivid, yet blinding colors thrust out the many details so finely printed by the "swish" of
A brush stroke.
The many greens, purples, and yellows fill her mind with awe and admiration of the fine
Work of a talented artist.
The darkest and lightest shades of water lilies float upon ponds of the deepest purple.
She looks through the glassy water and sees the transformed face of herself, no longer plain and
Simple, but an extraordinary being that belonged to the painting.
She hears the "splish, splash" of bullfrogs and toads leaping from one lily to the next.
The buzzing of the flying creatures floats around her and tells her she is one of them.
The sweet-tasting air fills her mouth and tickles her tongue.
The creatures, plants, and mirrored water reminds her that she cannot gaze here forever.
So as she escapes, feeling the colors take hold of her, feeling as if she could be the picture itself,
The color's grasp wakens and sets her free.
Now she is as she was, plain, simple, her.
She wonders if it was worth it.