Some gentle husband's strong right hand

His confidential shoulder to weep on

The dependable servant and friend to him

The only one loyal enough to endure to the end

The bearer of mixed news

The carrier of things that will soothe (A lonely
Heart, A Restless and confused mind, or A
Troubled spirit)

His buddy, his pal, his comrade

His girlfriend, his lover, the other woman, and
The keeper of his most intimate secrets.

Some gentle husband's strong left hand

The only carrier of his seed

The one who develops a plan for all his needs

The woman he desires to show off...

...And wear on his arm

The lady he takes home to Mother...
...And introduces to others

The intellectual and irresistible being he longs
To take to dinner

The flirtatious female that keeps his
Interest peaked

And the excitable, erotic partner he sometimes
Fantasizes--indeed, The True Wife