He's with you always,
He's your greatest motivator,
Or your biggest worry!
He will push you to astatic levels of work,
Or cause you to be penniless, on the streets!
Most of the things, you try on your own,
Will fail miserably!
If you let him prevail,
You would surely succeed!
He's easy to get along with,
Try some military discipline on him!
Show him, what you want accomplished,
And after a few trials,
It will become automatic!
He is the servant and king of all worth-while men!
He can make men famous,
Or make men failures!
It is all up to you,
How you choose to use him!
He's not a robot,
He'll work for gain, or for ruin!
He doesn't know the difference between success or failure!
Be disciplined with him,
He'll show you the riches of the world!
Be easy with him, he'll show the streets of hell!
Who is he?
He's your sub-conscious mind!