He once was a handsome lad
But the time had taken its toll.
The Stumble Bum shuffled his feet as he crossed
The street looking weary, stooped and old.

No one noticed the tear drops in his eyes,
As they walked hastily by.
It seemed no one cared if he lived or died,
As the crowd pushed him aside.

And then someone gently touched his arm
And said, "Can I give you a helping hand?"
The Stumble Bum looking into the man's kind face
And said, "You're a real gentleman."

As the stranger walked away he thought
"I wish everyone would act that way."
Not knowing the stranger was waiting for him
And would walk with him again that day.

Today they are no longer strangers,
They share a mansion above.
He's no longer considered a Stumble Bum
And the Lord covers him with his love.