Love said to Noah, "The people on earth are acting bad, and that makes Me feel very sad.
So build an ark, made out of wood and bark, and I will guide animals into it."
So Noah built an ark, made out of wood and bark, just as Love commanded.
First he saw two elephants, that's a pair. Then he saw two big, brown bears.
Animals kept on coming in twos. Look! There's two moose.
Soon the ark was full. Wait! Here comes a late cow and bull.
So that all waiting in the ark, which was made out of wood and bark.
But they soon were sure their waiting was not in vain, because it started to rain.
Just to be precise, it rained forty days and nights.
They were just getting ready to start complaining, but then it stopped raining.
Just to make sure there was land, Noah sent a dove from his hand.
The first time it flew back to the ark, made out of wood and bark,
For it couldn't find a tree for to rest. Then Noah thought it would be best,
To send the dove once again to find land. The dove soon came back and...
Had an olive branch in its beak from a tree. Everyone on the ark was filled with glee.
They could now set foot, paw, or hoof on the earth. Just the thought filled everyone with mirth.
All the animals roamed the earth to multiply. Then Love painted a rainbow that filled the sky.
The rainbow was very beautiful and; it sealed Love's promise never again to flood all the land.