Over the mountain and through the forest,
Rests a cave, quiet and black like the night.
Inside the dark cavern is your home,
Sleeping on your bed of glimmering gold,
Guarding it from them...HUMANS.

Your growling snore echoes about,
While misty smoke swirls out from your snout.
Dozens of razor teeth drip in fresh, red blood,
As your recent intruders lay there,
Crushed, shredded and...FRIED!

Suddenly, there's a loud noise,
Your eyes begin to come to life,
As you awake from your comfortable sleep.
At the entrance of the cave shines...
The armor of your enemy...a KNIGHT!

You grow angry as the Knight stood,
With shield, sword and bravery in hand.
Your anger explodes with a deep breath of fire,
Engulfing the cave in light and heat.
The Knight then fell into...ASHES!