The silent Hearse came slowly by,
Slower now and by the silent watcher
As as he watched and stared in awe he heard him sigh,
For by and by
Some strange yet powerful force
Now known to man told him so.
So thus he did
As he was bid
And carried out his ritual.
First shoulder to shoulder than the head,
The sign of the cross was what was made.
He knew not why he did this then,
Knowing only what and when.
As this thing of death came slowly past,
A pair of pigeons were startled from their roost.
So flight they took in the sky so vast
And while they flew him though he saw a ghostly fright
Unleashed unto the peaceful night,
For one was a ghoulish pale.
The other though he could not see,
Perhaps it was too quick for him.
He thinks now however that the case was this,
It was blended with those brooding clouds.
Those clouds that foretold of the coming rain
That were darker still than night, bird or car of shrouds.
The Darkness is you see,
Made of many shades of gris.