Don't stand by the road and watch the world go by...
Your face and your stories only make her want to cry.
But your sorrows and your tomorrows are only a few roads away.
So stop wonderin' and start walkin'
And don't stand by that road today.
She could tell you 'bout a little girl lost in the rain.
And she could tell you 'bout a little boy that got killed by a train.
Two sad stories written in a book that she reads...
Simply as a lesson from Love it said.
When the clouds cover up the sun and you know you've lost
And haven't won,
Just leave the place you're at and don't ever come back.
She's beggin' you to please, please don't stand by the road
And watch the traffic go by.
Your exit's only a mile away.
She knows you've lost a love, a cause to live...
But just don't stand by that road today.