Grand stars lay before her, beckoning her to look up
To the glittering people above each raising a champagne cup.
A velvet curtain was drown, the air exuded wealth, maybe fame.
She was the stage, blending with perfect faces, perfect names.

Colliding on the stairs, they moved faster and faster
Her trapped body lifted, above chaos and disaster
She looked down, silly, ridiculous, she was thinking
Figures rushing up and down, up and down, shrinking

A country road stretched before her, fields on either side
A familiar child waited, taking her hand to see what they'd find
The sun was golden, heavenly, warming her body and soul
A sudden longing gripped her and she then knew their goal

They followed the winding road until a small hut came into view
She was inside, rocking, knitting, a small smile, as if she grew
The homesick feeling was sweet, receding, as she gazed on her face
But she was in confusion, thinking she belonged in a better place

She didn't have to speak, for she saw the light in her eyes
She knew she had a mansion waiting, just beyond the rise
A mere visit, and yet, peaceful contentments stayed with her
In knowing the right road and following it to her destiny