When first doth darkness part for day's light,
And deepest red begins to glow o'er dark gray,
Gaze you toward the herald of the new dawn?
Or turn you back to blackness, the night to return?
As the reds begin to warm, and waves unfold
Over clouds washed yet in the deepest gloom,
Does your heart beat quickly to the change?
Does your breath catch in awe to the glory?
Reds flow quickly through orange and gold,
And gray passes on in haste to pinks soft,
Blues cobalt to rise in contrasting splendor,
While the west only reluctantly begins to gray.
And still they find those by their side, who look not east,
For whom a slower change to life is truly ingrained,
Who ne'er the wondrous and fleeting beauty will witness,
Who ne'er will comprehend why they feel such ecstasy.