From ancient times, Old Testament, philosopher and sage,
Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Love's New Testament age,
Magna Charta, Crusades, Renaissance, Pilgrim's Proclamation,
To Declaration of Independence, Constitution, for mankind's emancipation!
Creation's spiritually perfect, and original plan, for man,
Within darkening clouds, mind, heart, soul, most understand,
Out of earliest seeds, their honored forefathers, sowed,
Amidst nature's wilderness, seekers of true freedom, abode,
Laboring, sacrificing, for honorable existence, with virtuous liberty,
With long-sought hopes of peace, for all mankind--eternally!
From principled prophets, teachers, law givers--for you and him,
On land and sea, a heritage of the ages! With inspired individuality!
To receive these divine truths, on this vibrant earth,
In harmony of man and Creator, for a spiritual, rebirth!
Whose sacred gift, within this life-giving hand,
Bestowing on them, His universal power--to command!
America's immortal message, within the Creator's sight,
Revealing to all, that sublime revelation--right makes might!
A heavenly vision, in a glorious sunshine of truths, to gleam!
The reality of the American Dream!!