The Devil makes the two birds fly around at night like two
Stringless kites. As they swoop down a their prey and their
Prey was him an innocent man trying to hide beneath the tree.
But one of them got him by his hand pecking at his face as the
Blood spattered all over the trees all he could do was scream
As the Devil's birds those evil ravens in flight were trying
To take his soul that very night. As he staggered to his cabin
These ravens followed him home. Banging at his windows driving
Him mad as he opened his door and entered his home the ravens
Were banging louder then before hoping he gun pointed it at
One and pulling the trigger hoping he got one. But he got none
Those Ravens in Flight wanted him to die so every night they
Got him and until he took an ax swinging it in his cabin hoping
To get one but he didn't get none, so he cried waiting to die
Those Evil Ravens in Flight that very night.