His ever so darling Princess,
So how does thou feel today.
For that of whom possesses a beauty so rare, can only be compared to that of an untamed
For that of an untamed river is always looked upon by its many admirers.
Much like that of La Princessse a tres belle!!!
For many will try to photograph an untamed roaring river,
But to no avail.
For no photograph can ever fully describe the majestic beauty, the wild independence,
The breathtaking power, and the life it breathes into those who love the river.
No photograph can capture all the little details that make the river what it is,
The pictures will miss the bends, the curves, the rocks, the beaches, the waterfalls.
No photograph can seize the enchanting beauty of La Princessse a tres belle!!!
For the photograph will miss her glow, her laugh, her cuteness, her beauty, her innocence,
And her angelic voice.
Like the river, the only way to truly behold her beauty is to live life in the way that one
Jumps into the untamed river and flows with it.