There is someone deep in his mind, who changed his life forever, a ghost in his past.
Who haunts him with her love.
His passion for her was so true, it was unparalleled by any other and still is.
The hurt of his loss still pains him as his mind calls her name in his sleep.
He wishes for her body close again to his, yearning for her very touch.
The nights were hot that summer, the days even longer.
The power of her eyes could calm the beast of the field to submission.
The days grew short and his home called him back, but so did the coast.
He knew he'd have to take a chance, a chance for a love so strong he could stand at
Death's door and not blink.
He raced towards her home, his heart pounding with the mood to be with her.
As he knocked on the door he knew something was wrong.
As the door opened he saw her house was abandoned, without a soul, without his love.
So, he returned to Iowa, and his hometown, but he'll never forget her; and someday he'll
Go back and she'll be there waiting for him.