She bowed down in the presence of her mighty Love and King,
Her tears overflowing to bathe His once-pierced feet;
In humility and thankfulness she worshiped her Savior there,
His precious shed blood had brought down Satan's defeat.

Her Lord arrayed in kingly robes upon His golden throne,
With the brilliance of a rainbow 'round about Him there,
Reached out His nail-scarred hand and beckoned unto her,
Welcome home, My child...there will be no crying here.

Warm rays of light fell to illuminate her upturned face,
A gentle breeze of angel wings chased every tear away;
Perfect peace began to radiate and cleanse her very soul,
Sickness that she'd known so long fled instantly to stay.

His voice like the many waters had her rise unto her feet,
The radiance of His beauty completely dazzling her eyes;
It is not your time to stay here...others too must know,
He handed her a golden pen, His name therein inscribed.

You will be My voice to others, by words you will write,
As you are guided by the Spirit into all walks of life;
Fear not, My dear child...I will always walk beside you,
With your work completed, you will inherit Eternal Life.