It is a cool and breezy night--the leaves whisper softly,
Caressing her ears. Her heart yearns for him.
He's the most beautiful man she's ever seen.
He is strong and gentle, all at once.
His lips, so tender, steal her breath.
His eyes touch her soul with a glance.
His skin, bronzed from the day's heat, warms her, welcomes her.

But alas, he is not with her, he belongs to another...
She is manipulative, paralyzing in her way.
She beckons him at will, taunts him with her power.
She brings him to heights of utter ecstacy
And then, quickly...cruelly...drops him cold.
She has not eyes to see his pain, nor ears to hear his cries,
She cannot feel him, or anything.
She takes him from her, mind, body, and soul.
She takes without giving at all.

She is Cocaine....