Granny Kate, Granny Kate she called and cried,
There's been a wreck, their neighbor has died.
Oh, why did it happen? It's so sad.
His little kids have lost their Dad.

Granny put her arms around her and said
Yes, child he's gone, but he's not dead.
His spirit is alive and he has flown.
He is living now in his spiritual home.

The Creator gave the four seasons so they may know.
Mystery of life, they learn as they grow.
In Spring all Nature awakes reborn,
From sleeping Winter so cold and forlorn.

In Summer, food matures they eat and can,
And Fall brings the harvest of grains, and a plan
To survive Winter's ice, cold winds and snow.
Until Spring is reborn and all may grow.

The baby is Spring, adult is Summer
Old age the Fall, death Winter's slumber.
Life ever changes, yet always the same.
No need to fear death it's only a name.