From a mighty oak an acorn fell, and nestled on the ground.
And leaves and dirt they covered it, a new life it had found.
And a small stem peeked out of the dirt, and ever looking up,
And a bud formed upon the stem and then a leaf, but one was not enough.
The rains and sun they nourished it, as well as Mother Earth.
And disease and insects hampered it, from that first day of its birth.
The soil and sun and gentle rain, from these its strength it drew,
And upward went with many limbs, and ever stronger grew.
And birds they built their nests in it, its limbs they were so grand.
And branches they spread out with leaves so green, and shade it gave to man.
And like that tree so great, that from a little acorn grew,
They too can grow strong in this love so great, and many things can do.
And the seeds of love that's in their heart, they may start so very small,
But grow and spread and comfort give, and they may find that call,
To do mighty things and stand so strong, just like that mighty oak,
Whose steady limbs bend in the wind, so few of them are broke,
They too must learn to weather much, in the storm of life,
And if they do all these things with love, someday they'll get it right.