There is a voice that is heard in the wind,
It speaks to the children at play;
It speaks to the youth each day and each night
As they go on their merry way.

"Come," it is calling, His sweet, gentle voice,
"For I shall give glory and grace
To all who are weary,--the young and the old,
Who are searching for a happy place."

In all of the sweetness and joy of spring
The still small voice is heard;
It floats o'er flowers, through valleys and hills,
And is heard in the song of a bird.

When snowflakes are falling in the winter of life,
And the lonely ones search for a friend,
The sweet, gentle voice is calling, "Come now,
I'll be with you until the end.

"With love I will lift up your steps each day;
Watch o'er you while you sleep;
I will soothe you in all your grief and pain;
In love your spirit I'll keep."

The still small voice is calling today,
As they sail the raging seas,
"Oh come, all you nations, before it's too late.
Repent, and come unto me."