Don't lock that door he'll hear you and come running right away
Asking "Momma what cha doin'? Why go moanin' thataway?"
You'd swear he's deaf when callin him, it's better if ya whisper,
And when he has to beg her, you know he just won't kiss her.
Yep, that's the Marek, he's a tyrant, kicking, yelling, hitting.
Tie him up, it's the only way to keep him still while sitting.
He's gonna talk and interrupt, you might as well ignore him,
Cause if you don't, you'll go insane trying to implore him.
Just hold on tight, it won't last long, you know they grow up fast,
He's just a child, learning how, to make your headache last.
He's just a storm that's passing thru the living room to the kitchen
Tracking dirt, throwing dogs, no, he don't won't switchin'.
Yep, that's the Marek, just a boy, don't let him work your temper,
Even though you'd swear he's mad, it's probly just distemper.
Always smacking, stomping, coughing, will it ever end?
She prays the Lord not too soon, he's her little Godsend.