Preparing to decorate is enough to excite,
But spotting the creche brings extra delight.

With a gentle touch and a loving caress
The manger scene has a special address.

Love and Joseph--first out of the box to appear,
Symbols that to Love's directive they did adhere.

The barnyard animals stood in awe
As the miracle of birth they oversaw.

Angels joyfully announced the Baby's birth.
They had been given a job here on this earth.

Shepherds came when they where given the call,
Not waiting to know if they had the wherewithal.

The manger is placed in the center to wait
Until Christmas Day, the birth to recreate.

Baby Love, to be laid in His manger of hay,
Due to His obedience, they have this Day.

Merry Christmas is wished to each and every one.
With the symbols, each makes his own compassion.