Her love burns deep for you "The Man I Didn't
Know." He walks along alone and silent. They search
Desperately for each other, missing by only inches. As
The wind cries on a stormy night, they search for
Thoughts that remind them of each other. Who knew pain
Could be so strong to drive them apart like so.
She often wonders about "The Man I Didn't
Know." When she looks in her heart deep enough she can
See how and feel his pain. It's so strong it's
Unbearable. It feels like a stake being driven through
Your heart. Who could cause such pain to "The Man I
Didn't Know."
She often cries for "The Man I Didn't Know." She
Misses his strong hands that hold her close to him. The
Strong hands that protected her from harm. She loves that
Man but, he'll always be "The Man I Didn't Know."