When everything seems dark and dreary
And you wonder which way to go
And you ask yourself a lot of questions
And you can't seem to find any answers.
Just sit down and have a conversation with
The Lord
And ask him what would be the best thing for
You to do.
And tell him all about your problems
And the Lord will see you through.

Even when you feel you're all alone
And think no one seems to care.
Just remember the Lord and his promise
How he'll always be with you and never leave
You alone.
There are friends and family
That have you in their thoughts and prayers.
They all have a lot of love for you
And they all do care.

Just remember everything will work out
With the Lord on your side.
For he feels your aches and pains
And hears your cry for help.
The Lord will always be with you
Just take the time to listen for he is always
He will never leave you if you believe and
Call on him
For your faith will carry you through.