She walks through the thick jungle. The humidity
Heavy and weighing her down. Her body is hot
And sweating quite heavily, her rifle held
Tight in her trembling hands. She's walked for
Miles, her feet sore and calloused, her legs weak
And tired, her muscles tense and aching, yet
Her adrenaline is pumping rapidly and her heart
Is beating with stealth. Her senses are keen.
She can see the fire burning throughout the
Jungle, the blood and bodies strewn
About, the dark crimson splashed upon the
Deep green like some form of modern art.
She hears bombs and gunfire all around
Her, each sound breaking into her soul filling
Her with fear and hopes of victory. She smells
The stench of burning flesh and decaying
Bodies, it wrenches at her stomach and turns
It in knots. Suddenly, a flash...and all
Went dark.