A man walked a thousand miles
To see a vision a loving smile

When he got to his destination to share his crown
The smile he envisioned was a nasty frown

He said a few things of pleasure and joy
In hopes of bringing a smile once more

To no avail it did not work
That nasty frown sunk further in the dirt

He did not give up in his heart there was hope
But how could he win the frown would not cope

The man said, I'll try once more again
'Cause he knows underneath that frown is a loving grin

He gave his most precious possession, his heart, soul and mind
And said to the woman juggle these and see what you find.

The woman did juggle and they fell to the ground
All that was left was that nasty little frown.

He picked up the pieces and traveled again
In search of a smile that would always grin.