Where are you going her friend and what will you do?

The roads are many, which ones will you choose?

How will you decide which paths to travel? The choices, her friend,
Are yours to unravel.

Each of them has their own decisions to make, do not ask her to choose
Which course you should take.

Will you go with sadness or filled with song? Will your journey be
Short or long? And who can judge for you which choices are wrong?

Who shall you take to your journey's end? Search long your
Tomorrows for loving friends.

Where will you be when the day is ended? Will your spirit be
Broken or will it be mended.

If your road seems laden with sorrows remember to look, her friend,
For brighter tomorrows.

And when finally you turn back to see how far you've come you'll
See your journey's not ended, it's merely begun.