It's Midnight and she was awakened by the howls of winter's wind.

The lure is still with a deathly silence and their lying in bed
Staring outside her window.

The night is cold, crisp, and clear.

The sky is jet black with twinkling specks of light much like a
Coal mine embedded with sparkling diamonds.

And as she's listening to the howling wind as it whips
Around the tall black naked trees swaying back and forth looking
Like the silhouette of giant witch's hands waving in the
Darkness, a cold chill down her spine as the eerie howls of
The wind seem to be getting closer and louder as though a banshee
Was screaming right outside her window.

She feels like a scared kid who's afraid a ghost is going to fly by
At any moment.

Then she smiles and laughs to herself at how silly she was being when she
Realized how the mind loves to play tricks on you when you
Deprive it of sleep.

So she snuggles down under her soft warm down comforter and pretends
The howling wind is a winter lullaby nature sent to lull her to