The house they shared while you were born
Seems empty now and so very lonely.
The bliss once felt has turned to fear,
For she still yearns for your presence only.

Each nook and cranny of every room
She feels your spirit all around her...
As though you're framed in a golden plume
For the eyes of the world to see.

The house they shared has memories still
Of the dreams they started and knew;
How tender, how sweet those dreams to fulfill
In a predestinated tomorrow of years so few.

Within these walls she haunts each place
Where you once liked to roam and wander--
Never again to see your smiling face,
Yet her love for you grows fonder.

The house they shared now shelters her
From the tides of life ever fading...
Giving her hope that some day there'll be
Another house to share where you're waiting.