She remembers once when she was very small.
She met a friend who said he would never
Let her fall.
She asked Him to be her friend,
And hold her hand till the very end.
He always goes before her in everything she does,
He guards and guides and protects her, too.
He holds many more hands then hers,
But she never has to wait in line.
He has enough love for every heart and soul,
He loves them as they are. They don't need a fancy role.
He does face troubles from time to time.
People treat her like loving her friend is a crime.
But her dear friend is the only one,
Who bears her sins by the ton.
He lived, and died, and rose again for her,
By His blood she is set free.
She bets you know the name of her friend,
He's Love, on Him she can depend.
Forever He will lead her in His loving way,
With Him she will have everlasting life someday.