As she walked toward the edge of the unknown, she never paused, not
Once. Looking out over the edge she saw blue and spots of white and felt
The air brush against her face, whispering in her ear as it blew by.
The time came in an instant, and she was among the blue and the whites,
And it was wonderful. Only now the blue was the sky and the spots of
White, clouds, the air became wind. She looked down on the world so far
Below. She looked around it was a whole different world up here. She reached
Her hand up in order to try and touch heaven, but she found far more up
There, although she did not see him, she knew he was there. He took her hand,
She hadn't touched heaven, but she had touched the hand of Love. But then it
Was time to return, as she made her descent to the world below, she enjoyed
The hushed silence of the sky. As her feet touched the ground, it was no
Longer a world far below that she had looked down on, it was home, and now
She looked to smile to the sky that had been her brief home, and to
Remember she touched the hand of Love.