In all the world, there is no power greater,
Than that of their Almighty Creator.
On mankind he bestowed the gift of life,
And with life includes troubles of both the sorrow and strife.
In mysterious ways is how HE acts,
By granting and keeping sacred pacts.
With believers being many, and atheists frequent,
The Spirit gives all equal and just treatment.
Many things HE does, the reasons are unknown,
But upon their death, all will be told.
Through the belief in their Lord, wisdom ensues,
And eternal happiness is sure to come true.
To those who are penitent, he grants repose.
No matter what calamities mankind commits,
Their Lord is always there to give them a lift.
Through the rules of Love, man is to abide,
With success in them, HE allows all to confide.
Unseen until death, but present from birth,
Love is indeed, the greatest power on Earth.