The female cat approaches in silence, her face is clean smooth
Aware of every lurking stranger.
Perhaps you've seen her? Sharp as a raven that's extended its span,
This beauty of wonder holds the embers lit by man.

Furnished promises hold eternal winds, sculpting her model thin--
She used to fulfill a whore monger, slipping like the last drop of
A past desert rain.

Men froze dead in their tracks...
A one way mirror--A glass case--
A need to steal.

A woman's eyes remain a keyhole in time.

"You'll uncover more than a lover.
What?? You're surprised?? She had a brain?
A mind to match those eyes!"

Though they'll argue, "It's not me!!"
As positive as a widow in mourning, some may never see
The essence of a lady--
Cold, Cruel, you evolved!

"And they say--You've come a long way Baby!"