Takes a lot of faith you know to make a garden grow.
When earth and sky are powder dry and arid winds do blow.
They had the plowing done at last, raked and smoothed the dust,
Planted seeds from years past, not wanting to spend money on their trust.
Thank you Love for the faith they found, that made them plant those
Seeds in that dry ground.
They carried water to and fro as they sprinkled each and every dusty row.
And late that night they laughed at their faithless game, for the
Lord had fooled them and sent the needed rain.
They picked and canned the peas and beans, ate the radishes, lettuce and greens.
Roasted corn on the grill, sliced cucumbers and ate their fill.
Canned tomatoes ripened in the sun, sacked up spuds one by one.
Felt the joy that harvests hold in home grown pumpkins big and gold.
While canning, freezing and storing away, only one thing they have to say,
Thank you Love you met their needs and gave them faith to plant those seeds.