She sees herself in his eyes, eyes that are ever telling but
Afraid to speak. Can she get past her fears long enough to hear
The dreams behind that gentle gaze? She longs to be a part of
Them, he longs for someone to unlock them. Kept inside, those
Beautiful dreams, kept alive with vision and creativity,
Nutured with love and a childlike innocence that few possess.
Can he trust her not to laugh at his hidden genius, or to trample
On his carefully cultivated garden of hopes? Yes he can, because
The only laughter will be the girlish giggles of the child she
Thought she'd lost, and that he'd found within her. She knows
How hard he's fought to keep the garden alive, so she'll be down
On her knees, right next to him, tending the soil of his visions,
While planting some of her own, and watering them with the tears of
Joy that flow from the truest place within, knowing that she's
Found a love that knows no time or boundaries.