The Wait, the wait of love and patience
The wait, then the pain, then the scream
New life has been brought forth from the forgiving love
The small scream has stopped the new life is no more
The rush of the new life to a manmade womb
Will it bring back the small scream,
No! Remove the barrier of the manmade womb
Once again let the new life feel the forgiving love
Let the touch of forgiving love be felt by the new life
Let the new life feel the oneness
For was not this forgiving love,
The one who gave the new life, life
Let the tears fall from forgiving love so as to wash away the,
Earthly spoilage, that has been put upon the new life
Ah! A small scream and new contentment flows
From the new life
Again the oneness flows to the new life.
Strength is brought back to the new life
The choir of angels in heaven sing their song of approval
The forgiving love and the new life are one again