As the Lord's tears fell on that cold November morning,
His survivors lit the flame, eternal, and forever burning.

The flame symbolic to the fire in his eyes,
Symbolic to his dreams that shall never die.

His hopes and dreams for their future are what they should remember,
His thousand days of triumph and that dark day of November.

His country left without its leader, his kingdom without its king,
His people left without their dreamer, their eagle without its wings.

His children left without a father, his love for which they sought,
His son's salute to his daddy's coffin with the six gold locks.

The helpless feeling that filled their hearts, the sorrow that they grieved,
The tears that filled their eyes, so blind they could not see.

And, so "she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hand,"
And, the flame shall burn forever the bones of that man.