Before the sun comes up and the dew goes away,
The fisherman has begun his day.

He begins his day at 5 o'clock,
And until sundown his day won't stop.

His calloused hands and sweaty brow,
Show where he works and how.

With hope in his heart and fish in the sound,
He wonders where these fish can be found.

His life is out there in these sometimes rough waters,
From no one but Love must he take orders.

He fishes until 12 out in the sound,
Then his boat is homeward bound.

With boat unloaded and fish in the truck,
Today's fish market price will slow his works...with luck.

Home again his work hasn't finished,
Sleep must wait until the pile of to be fixed nets has

With moon high in the sky and the sunlight gave away,
The fisherman is done with another day.

It's a hard life to lead sometimes,
But since it's for his family the fisherman rarely minds.