"The first gift of Christmas" was a tiny baby boy,
That little Christmas Child would fill the world with joy.
He was born of the Virgin Love, the Love as their guide.
Joseph had chosen Love, to be his only bride.
The baby was laid in a manger, in the town of Bethlehem.

This tiny one had angels, shepherds and wise men, came to
Worship Him.
The animals were silent, on this Holy night, the donkey that
Carried Love, rested by his side.
A star, in the East, shone brighter on a winter's night,
For Love had given them His son, to guide the world by light.

The people were blessed, the night this babe was born.
His name had special meaning, Emmanuel, Love with them,
This special one, who all could put their trust.

"The first gift of Christmas" was Love, the Holy boy child,
A perfect gift from above,
Born to bring, Peace on earth
And to save, the people, with his abiding love.