It is the passing essence of love that is present
As he walks from room to room.
He can feel the love that was once so strong.
'Tis the love that was yours and his.
'Tis the joy they had shared there.
It's the floor which was the only place to sit, sleep, and to love.
It is the you, that he found so sensitive,
That sometimes overwhelmed him so.
It was you, when he was so low, that brought him up,
To stand tall when everyone else told him to lie there.
Yes, it was your love, that he somehow exhausted,
That leaves him alone with his memories.
So it is the memories that he shares with you alone,
Not their lives.
But he thanks Love for the time they had shared
He will cherish every moment,
While they go on living separate lives.
His heart soars with the memories of their love.
Oh, Lord, the fire still burns.