Somebody lived here a long time ago,
Maybe a man, his wife and their children.
In that barn they stored hay, there's a pasture of cows,
'Round in back in a shed for the chickens.

Weathered old pickets surround the front yard
Where children and dogs used to play.
The floor of the porch shows the wear from the rocker
Where grandma would sit on a hot summer day.

There is not much to see inside the old house.
Most everything was taken when the family moved on.
But still there remains little pieces of history;
Clues about life on this once vital farm.

The oak floors are faded where the rugs used to lay.
The plaster is chipping. The light fixtures are gone.
A tattered old curtain greets a breeze at the window,
In this house that has long since been left on its own.

She knows this house well; she comes here a lot.
She's trespassing, she knows 'cause she reads the sign.
But you can't keep her out 'cause she loves it so well.
This house in the country that you left behind.