When he sees the falling rain, his spirit soars transcending the intranscendental,
His mind levitates above the horizon,
When he hears the falling rain, he remembers 'yard' Jamaica, and zinc-roof-music,
Rain drops pianoing on his roof and forever going on and on

When he sees the falling rain he sees life, he sees blood rushing thru the veins
Of men under sheets initiating creation
For him, the rain symbolic of mother nature, characterizes prosperity--the
Paragon of ecological transformation

For each drop of rain that trickles down and then lingers in the leaves,
Escaping to the earth below bears an element of life,
Invaluable though it might seem, undoubtedly is a torch of life, evoking life
Today and tomorrow, a seed is germinated, flowers bloom, and in the womb
Of a mother cling someone's wife

When he hears the falling rain, he feels romantically inclined with nature,
For his inspiration floweth infinitely, as he writes a song verse by verse
As he hears the thunder crack its whip across the sky, he remembers the Almighty,
Who created the universe

When he sees the falling rain, he knows he's alive 'cause he exists in the co-existence
Of the infinity
He can feel, laugh, play, sing and dance; when he can no longer see the falling rain,
Then he's transcending beyond the spirit world...Eternally,
But the rain will keep falling, as life keeps rolling, and so shall be the two
Existing indefinitely....