Floating over the edge of ragged cliffs, enriched with moss and abundance,
Soaring quickly through thin, vanishing clouds,
Chasing after a flock of geese, busy diving for fish,
She lifted up her extensions, slowly, to land on the rough, sponged, lava rock.

He was watching her, hands pressed upon his Dijerido,
Rearing up into the ellipsical sky, vibrating the air, stirring the lizards below.
One with his bilma sticks, striking, fiercely at her, at the fire ball, at the Gods,
She leapt again, gaining speed, watching as the earth turned away, yielding to the sky.

Now away to the seals, whining, flouncing, and bashing in the warmth.
Gliding past the land with ease, wind ruffling her feathers, bringing a chill,
Diving hard and fast, zooming across dolphins, leaping over one another,
She sped, stretched and ready for another breeze to bounce her life upward.

Yonder, beyond the reefs, lies the place from which they all rose.
Lifted by the hooks of the Gods, up into the new world they came.
She could see it now, she sailed along, without a care or concern, calling to it.
Does it remember her? Can she be safe again, in their mother's womb?

Diving heavily as she screams,
Unstoppable and unknowing,
She plunges,
Back into innocence.