As her life passed by, in front of her--
Sharing life with others is all she sees.
She shall need her earthly form no more--
As Death guides her Home, through the Door!

If her eyes can give another sight--
Take them both; but use them right.
Let others see this world she departs,
Nature's beauty shall truly fill their heart!

When from this earth she takes her leave
She prays her lungs--they can retrieve.
To help another to breathe fresh air
To enjoy life and movement is only fair!

If you find a strong muscle in her heart--
Transplant it wisely, when she departs.
Pumping one's blood throughout their veins
To enjoy in good health the life that remains!

If her kidneys, you have a need a take--
Share them both, for goodness sake.
Hopefully, they will not be rejected--
By the recipient that you've wisely selected!

Then, please, if you would be so kind...
Cremate the rest of what you find.
Mark a spot where wild flowers are found,
And place her ashes into the ground.