Will you love him when he's old and gray, no longer trim and lean?
And if his hair has slipped and gone, and looks like Mr. Clean;
And lines have come upon his face, just like a travel map;
And like a tree that fails to grow, it seems he's lost his sap?
Will you love him when his get up's gone, and he's no longer fast?
And most of the things he thinks about, have happened in the past?
Will you love him when his memory fades, and glasses he must use?
And when he want to get around, a cane is what he chooses?
But still to you he'll always be, the one to fill your dream;
And in their minds they both agree, they make the perfect team.
Will you love him when the things he has, are old and seldom work?
And like a broken coffee pot, it seems he fails to perk?
But there's one thing he hopes, like him, your love will ever last;
And their love they'll ever share; for them the die is cast.
Her Answer
You talk about when you get old, and things are like you say.
Honey, won't you face the truthful fact; that time is here today!
So despite your age or looks, she finds things are still the same;
And their love forever more, will never, never change.