Once in a time trees populated the world. Such beauty
It gave to the land. Such color it gave to the world
Where wildlife is free. Now there's nothing, only a
Desert sand, waste where a hot wind blows.
Remember the oceans, blue as the sky, and clear like
Crystal glass. The tall waves were alive with force.
The lakes, rivers, and ponds are a great feeling to
Swim into. Now there's nothing, but blackness and
Pollution upon the waters of the world. Harmful to swim
A long time ago the sky was so clean a man could take
A deep breath, and not cough, or sniff his nose. The
Stars could be seen with the naked eye and the freshness
Of the wind fills your spirit with grace. Now there's
Nothing except a deadly cloud covering the sky,
A poison in the air, sickness to all who inhale.
What have they done to their world that once they had so