Where lies the beauty; the shore of the sea
Or does it depend upon where the observer stands
For one lost at sea the intangible is the land
Now does it always depend on where the person be

Is not an ocean more commendable once it is explored
Can the beauty be seen from the outside looking in
If the weather is not clear is not navigation slim
Beauty in water can the sensation truly be endured.

Or in any respect is beauty sincerely appreciated
Does one try to grasp onto what can not be held
Almost as if a magnetic force is being compelled
Is the history and the present somehow related

Does not her beauty have depth seen through her eyes
Yet the depth in her painting the eyes are not seen
Her like the ocean; the beauty is everlasting
Trying to hold her as water is probably unwise

Water flows through the hands is this not the sensation
Can one recognize beauty unless it slips away
To understand entirely this theory...if she may
"Is not everything divine sublime to contemplation."