Do you have time for a poor man like him?
Surely he asks you every day of the week.
But of course, as always--the answer is no.
But you're the man...aren't you? You're the
Man with all the money. But
Have no time for a poor man like him.
He sees you going--to and fro, it must be
Important it's a business you know. Passing the
Less fortunate with such--such speed--passing them
With no care in spite of your greed. You're dying
Slowly like a broken winged dove, you just
Need to realize--all you need is love. Business
Is not going as good as it should, you're
Losing fast as you knew you would (years pass).
For now you realize time is up. You've lost
All your money you've gone bankrupt. But he
Has kept the faith and turned poor into
Wealth, he will do good with his earnings, not
Keep to himself. Well, as for you enough has
Been said, you're lucky to find a park bench
Just to rest your head. You're as poor as he
Was, with money a few. Does he have time for
A poor man like you?...--Of course he does.