Today she went to a casino as she stood in line,

The devil got on her shoulder and he said, get thee behind--

I've only come to eat, she said, I haven't come to play!

Then he said--uh-huh--I know--just like the other day.

Then he said well it won't hurt to stay and play for
Just a little while--
Don't you see the people having fun? And she began to smile.

Then he said the music's fine and don't you hear the coins
A-clinking? And there she stood caught up in it all and
She began to thinking--

Maybe today will be her day and she'll come out a winner--

She didn't even stop to think that she was just a sinner--

Caught up in this tinsel town that takes advantage of the

Her hands began to tremble as the devil began to speak--

Oh--go on--he said--pull the handle down--put another dollar
In--it's fun here in this little Delta town--

But again today she lost it all, just like she did before--

So with empty hands and pockets she snuck out the door.