In sickness and in health, are the words you say but no one ever
Expects, to live up to this one day.

They've built quite a life, with their children in mind.

Giving them love and guidance, for their own happiness to find.

They were a partnership, each with his own paddle to row.

They followed their dreams...and allowed each other to grow.

She misses the conversations that they used to share.

Although you didn't express yourself, you always listened with care.

Sometimes from the responsibility, she wants to be free.

The paperwork, car repairs and chores can be such a trial for her.

Never be anxious about tomorrow, its own anxieties with care.

These words get through each day, as does knowing where
They came from.

Perhaps their lives aren't as they planned, this "sickness" no one
Could foresee.

But she'll continue to give you the loving care, as she knows you would've
Given her.